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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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test, test, test, test, test, test, test >> good morning, everyone the meeting will come to order. this is the tuesday july 18th of the transportation housing authority. i'm erick i'm the chair of the committee and other supervisors. able commissioner kim is on her way. madam clerk can you call the role
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>> this is an action item. >> thank you seeing no questions from my colleagues is there anyone from the public that would like to speak. >> seeing none. colleagues can we move this forward >> next item. >> citizens advisory report that is an information item. >> and as always mr. flanagan. >> good morning commissioners my name is joseph i'm the c ac vice chair. there are 3 items on the agenda this morning the c ac took action on at our april meeting. we had 4 items on the june
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agenda that are on yourselves today. items 4 and 6 were passed and that was unanimously by the c ac. item 7 joint outreach strategy for the s f t p passed at the c ac by a vote of 9 to one. the c ac questioned the cost effects of outreach programs staff responded that the stakeholders were interested in all funds for the project and were unsure which revenues they
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prefer but for disrespect they didn't not want to be taxed to generate an additional of revenue. item 8 preferred option to replace the existing bridge over the street this passed by a margin. and the c ac concerns were based on the community interaction with process and whether to prefer option was the best option for the residents living in the area. this conclusions my report and
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thank you very much >> thank you. mr. flanagan. item 8 was a split vote and you explained the concerns that the four deserntsd had on the bridge >> and we're joined by commissioner jan kim here as well. colleagues if there are no questions on say report by voice chair let's move forward with the next item. oh, anyone from the public want to speak. seeing none, public comment is closed. so ms. chang we have items 4 though 8 on our consent calendar >> we have 3 hundred funds in prop funds in the appropriations with conditions for 8 requests
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subject to be attached cash flow decision cash flow and number 5 replacement project on the replacement list this is an action item and 6 is recommended of the transportation growth strategy that is an action item and number 7 outreach strategy for the san francisco transportation plan. this is an action item and item 8 the i beg your pardon design to be with the connector road to replace the existing corridor the bridge over the street. those are our consent items >> thank you. i wanted to mention that ail commissioners have been reached anti to an
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those items and we're going to consent agenda today because of the long, long time it would have taken to consider them and the urgency of the items. my questions? >> i see none we have presentations on those items; is that right? i know there's the quinton bridge replacement and some items before us >> good morning executive director i have presentations we won't make them unless the commissioners want it. >> okay. let's open this up
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for public comment. the name i have on the list and if there's anyone else who wants to speak please come forward >> and thank you. again to vice chair flanagan for giving you the input on the community advisory committee as well. >> . okay. so why don't i make a motion we pull item 8 from the consent calendar and it moves
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you without objection. and then now we have - so there are no public comment on items 4 through 7 and colleagues can we move to public consent. >> i have a presentation for you so - >> mike. everybody agrees this has to be replaced. the real issue that's this bridge happens to be the underpass for the future of the cal extraction to i'd like to very briefly go to the letter i wrote to the committee and highlight the main points. there are many issues including the fact that a station couldn't
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possibly function without on there passes and the design encroaches the future station access ramps. everyone agrees there are technical challenges but we've shown staff two different construction techniques including like the one in london. the next is for the road specifically the miss appropriation of $4 million in fta funds. and $3.3 million in prop k funds that were approved by the voters not to have a viable station. and last point that staff is
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unaware of a funding envelope in the region of $30 million that can be immediately used to start building the station including the adjacent quinton street track. in closings i respectfully request a 3 month stay of execution on the station underpass while we reach out to it bridge reconstruction experts that will be on time and budget >> thank you. anyone else on the public who would like to speak. seeing none, public comment is closed. ms. lombardy could we discuss it a little bit. i know that supervisor cowen is very supportive of moving this forward and i see in the transportation slides there's
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one package of the public concerns >> we propose that our citizen advisory committee we've responded to him. >> good morning transportation planner with the authority. i do have a presentation if you're interested but i can go over the key concerns we heard from the community last fall and what we've done since then there are 4 major issues. first of all, a couple of issues with the design of the road. we've redesigned the intersection of the connector road that would provided alternative direction. the connector road would serve
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all the same connections that quinton street does today. the second is providing u7b8gd landscaping and we're coordinating with the property owners that would represent on enhancement over the exiting quinton street. the third is to coordinated the schedule of the project and the connector road so we're minimizing the closure of the road by building the connector road first before we close the existing quinton street and that brings it down to less than 6 months. and the last item we've heard a
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lot of concern about the bay view it's important to involve local businesses and folks in the contracting and job opportunity. so we've worked on a estrange to make sure we're including strong disadvantaged businesses and we'll be doing really intensive effort in the bay view to make sure people are aware of those opportunities and those are the 4 key ways we've responded to communities. thank you for responding to the committee and the process. colleagues any questions. okay. thank you. can we move this item forward without objection. thank you. ms. chang let me just say i want to thank sftv for broadcasting
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us. item number 9 recommended the appointment of two committee members >> thank you. we have a staff report. >> good morning. i'm with the authority and it begins on page 67 by the way of the background each member serves a two year term and the plans and programs that can be recommended and the appointment of committee members neither the staff nor the committee makes any recommendation of the appointment. i can see the list of folks to be considered for the appointments and i can see all of our current members. you must be scorn before the committee for your qualifications.
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we have two vacancies from the expiration of jacqueline sax and another lady. pursuant to the article 3. ms. saxs it seeking reappointment and the other lady is not. with that we can take any questions >> thank you, ms. garko you repeat those two seats specifically what those seats are. >> as i know the assistant advisory seats are not district specific but the two seats in question. i know that commissioner breed who couldn't be here today wants a continuance on the d 5 vacancy
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but there's not one, however, we have another gentleman who has comments. let me just think about this. we have the recommendations from staff on addressing the term limits and that's coming up after this discussion. generally, we open up to allow any of the candidates to give a short presentation; is that right? >> yes. >> does anyone else have any comments and a oh, and to clarify our regular citizens advisory committee has two terms. >> so this is the advisory committee? >> okay. i see jackie sax here and is there anyone who is a candidate here try to keep your
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comments within two minutes please. good morning. i'm jackie sax i've about that on the committee since i was appointed citizens back in june of 1997. i'm the longest serving member on this committee. i reauthority prop k and i was on the projects in the district very involved in transportation. and i saw the hi i saw prop b born and inspired and watched the prop k hopefully, i'll be able to see prop k to the terms of the sales tax project.
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i'm very involved in the transportation for senior citizens and i want to continue to serve on the committee and i always actually, you how i feel >> thank you many sax anyone else who wants to speak who are applicants. so colleagues we have two seats and i know that supervisors breed is asking us to continue the seats. and a thank you. i'm happy to make a motion to continue. is it seat 5? or marlene to the next programs meeting you should give our imply supervisor time to find someone who works for
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our district. for seat two i want to respect the continuance of supervisor farrell >> supervisor farrell is support i have of ms. sax. >> i want to add that that's great to have such a long-standing member of our advisory committee i know it can be a lot of meeting and your commitment has been tested and shown and you also come to many of our full board meetings as well i'm happy to support ms. sax. >> let me ask if anyone from the public wants to speak? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. so colleagues there's a motion to reappoint jackie sax to the c
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ac. any objection >> and to continue with the appointment of marlene. >> i want to echo my support of ms. sax thank you four speaking your mind. >> so colleagues can we take that without objection. congratulations. so ms. chang call the next item >> recommending adopting the supervisor advisory committee and the terms not to exceed two years. >> thank you. good morning committee members i'm with the authority. this item gossips on page 74 and
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it's an action to limit the terms. at last month there was a lot of talk about the project and out of those discussions the term expirations came up. the previous authority they have two term already but they have other project focus and thus far they haven't had terms. the two in existence now is the business rapid transmitted bus which is in the phase so it's not relevant here but the staff recommendation is to apply the two years and to adopt that
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policy that applies to all future projects. 8 of the 11 seats have members that have been serving for longer than two years and we're looking at september to either reappoint the current members or new members for those seats. that concludes my presentation >> i just wanted to thank you. again and in the interests of having the most active c ac is the reason we're making those important changes. and it's not only important to the richest monday district but district 2, 3, 5 and 6 it's a citywide concern so i'm really
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looking forward to passing those recommendations and making sure we have a really engaged c ac as well. anyone from the public want to speak? >> great seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor kim >> i want to indict to supervisor moore's the transportation authority staff for responding so quickly at the last committee meeting and i'm happy to support this. >> colleagues can we move this forward. please call the next item and a number 11 a member to the action committee >> good morning this item begins on page 75 and there's an
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enclosure an item to appoint one member to the citizen advisory committee and the transit project is in the environmental instantly. you'll hear more about this project but this particular item is about the dedicated c ac to - it meets quarterly although we've been making progress and so we've met bio monthly. there are one vacancy downtown tonight and they appoint the seat and given the approval of this item there's an additional 8 seats that are due for new appointments and we'll bring that to the next meeting.
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for this application we have 3 applications found in our enclosure and a summary matrix. we know this is not mandatory i'll conclude my presentation today to see if there are candidates who have come to speak >> please come forward. thank you >> good morning commissioners i'm richard marshall thank you for your consideration of my application for the advisory committee in the downtown tenderloin seat. i've been in the tenderloin and i'm an active bus recipient.
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i have been appointed by supervisor kim in the safety meetings. it's a great experience for me. i've made basically decisions that i wanted to get further engaged in future projects and the committee he seems like the logical step. although i have not had a chance to engage in the c ac meetings i've read most of the feasibility reports and i would be honored to advocate for the tenderloin neighborhood. the attained is a very dense neighborhood with a diverse population. i go to find a balance like public safety for example, while many residents in the tenderloin
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choose to walk to their mode of transportation like seniors and mothers rely on transportation while juggling groceries and kids. the goal to get people from point a in the downtown to point b to the ocean is important but i hope we can find a way to transition. in other words, the number of stops and where their located is important as well as the seniors to be able to sit and rest with those things in mind i'm excited to work on this project in the future >> thank you, mr. marshall. >> anyone else who wants to speak whose an advocate.
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>> thank you any other comments? >> so this is for the tenderloin downtown the vacancy of one of the two seats and i know that commissioner kim may have some ideas on this. >> are we going to do public comment first. >> is there anyone else from the public seeing none, public comment is closed. >> so our office did spend quite a bit of time recruiting hard for the members to represent the downtown tenderloin area and through this outreach r j marshall did apply. we've spent some time talking with another lady, of course,
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she can't serve on the committee we would have supported her as well. she does a commute from chinatown all the way to the richmond and would have been a good candidate. unfortunately, the gentleman and i haven't been able to sit down but i'm most likely going to support him because he made a great presentation a couple of weeks ago. but being we have now made a revision to the c r.c. the seat will be open in september and i'd like to move forward richard marshall for this seat for the next full transportation authority commission meeting and will like to spend that time to
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get to know peter and we'll be supporting his nomination in september >> any other comments colleagues. so can we move mr. marsh forward without objection >> thank you, mr. marshall. ms. chang call the next item >> item 12 for the geneva advisory committee this is an action item. >> good morning committee members this is on page 81 this is the project level c ac. the authority is leading project called the geneva feasibility study. it concerns a bus line on geneva and harry way connecting the station into san mateo